VIDEO: "Fairy Fencer F" Tiara Character Introduction

Kaori Ishihara voices tsundere female lead

Fairy Fencer F is the inaugural game from Compile Heart's Galapagos RPG, a label that wears the fact that it's specifically for Japanese consumers on its sleeve. The project features the Neptunia Team working with Final Fantasy artist Yoshitaka Amano and composer Nobuo Uematsu’s band Earthbound Papas. In a new character intro, meet Tiara - voiced by Kaori Ishihara (Henneko's Azusa).



In the game's story, long ago a goddess of light and god of darkness battled each other with weapons called "Furies," causing the disappearance of both. Ages later, knights known as "Fencers" are still searching for the missing Furies.


Tiara behaves like a lady with a gentle, yet serious and slightly masochistic personality. She collects Furies in order to revive the goddess. She is surprisingly scary when she’s mad and enjoys verbally sparring with the male lead.


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