"Fate/Zero: Next Encounter" Alternate Master Sketch Illustrations

Plus a look at some special everyday life digital cards

 Social digital card game Fate/Zero: Next Encounter launch last summer around the concept of playing out "what if" versions of the Fourth Grail War, including featuring alternate Master/Servant pairings. It's still going strong, and a new set of card sketches are previewing some match-ups.




Earlier teams included

  • Kariya (Drifter) + Caster (Gloom) = “Whispers of the Devil”
  • Kariya (Complete Confidence) + Gilgamesh (The King's Incensement) = “Fleeting Conviction”
  • Tokiomi (Vessel of Magecraft) + Lancer (Beneath the Moonlight) = “Homage”
  • Tokiomi (Hellfire) + Saber (Veneer of Command) = “An Elegant Combination”
  • Waver (Staking One's Dignity) + Berserker (Eternal Arms Mastery) = “To the Vortex of Madness”
  • Waver (Weak-Kneed) + Gilgamesh (Gate of Babylon) = “Teachings of the King”
  • Ryuunosuke (Murderous Intentions) + Assassin (Secret Maneuvers) = “A Smile of Madness”
  • Ryuunosuke (Looming Violence) + Saber (For Victory) = “A Mistaken Contract”
  • Kayneth (Uncommon Talent) + Saber (For Victory) = “A Noble Contract”
  • Kayneth (Supremacy) + Gilgamesh (Conversation) = “A Discourse on Pleasure”
  • Kiritsugu (A Man in Despair) + Assassin (Assassin) = “Moonlight”
  • Kiritsugu (Magus Killer) + Gilgamesh (Most Ancient King) = “Absolute Imperium”
  • Kotomine (Anguish) + Saber (Veneer of Command) = “Dialogue on Truth”
  • Kotomine (Awakening) + Berserker (Eternal Arms Mastery) = “Sinister Collusion”
  • Sola-Ui (Inheritance of Command Seals) + Lancer (The Knight of Two Lances) = “Falling in Love”
  • Sola-Ui (Inheritance of Command Seals) + Gilgamesh (Reminiscence) = “Aspiration”
  • Rin (Honor Student) + Caster (Encroachment) = “Listen to me!”
  • Rin (Eyes of a Gifted Child) + Lancer (A Path of Loyalty) = “Don't you think that your charm will work on me!”
  • Sakura (Lost Days) + Berserker (Crazed Knight) = “Knight Who Protects the Girl”
  • Sakura + Gilgamesh = “A Forming Bond”
  • Ilya (Small Happiness) + Caster (Shackles) = “Bluebeard's Pledge”
  • Ilya (Hope) + Lancer = “You have to win!”
  • Irisviel (Proxy Master) + Berserker (Overflowing Hate) = “The Knight and the Princess”
  • Irisviel + Saber = “Mutual Trust”
  • Natalia (At Gunpoint) + Assassin (Old Man of the Mountain) = “One Who Hunts, One Who Kills”
  • Natalia (At Gunpoint) + Gilgamesh (King of Heroes) = “The Hunter and the King”
  • Zouken (Ambition) + Assassin (Assassin) = “Matou's Trap”
  • Zouken (A Dreaded Being) + Berserker (Tremendous Darkness) = “A Dark Arrangement”


Special everyday life cards have also been previewed, along with a Jeanne d'Arc saber.




They also did a Fate/stay night cross-over


via FZsocial


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