"Gatcahman Crowds" Visual and Character Designs

A familiar character joins a lot of unfamiliar ones

Gatchaman Crowds seems to have a lot of element that could make it quite the interesting anime. The sci-fi series will deal with a new Japanese metropolis and an intergalactic social network along with distinctive visual style from  Tsuritama's Kenji Nakamura and original character designer Kinako. At the same time, we're now seeing that the summer anime is directly referencing the familiar Gatchaman, which makes the radical departure more disconcerting for traditionalist.


Along with a new visual, the anime's official site has been updated new more character profiles.




 16-year-old, genki art supplies fanatic Hajime Ichinose (G-101)


senior, samurai-like Sugune Tachibana (G-96(


recently revitalized college grad Jo Hibiki (G-89)


team's emotional minder and non-transforming dispatcher O.D. (G-12) with cat Altair (aka Al) 

first year student with low self-esteem Utsu-tsu (G-99)

alien sent to Earth, who is now the team's oldest member. self-proclaimed leader Paiman (G-3)

Member of the Council monitoring Earth JJ

Autodidact hacker Rui Ninomiya

Mysterious alien who shares a name with the chief hench-villain of the original Gatcahman, Katze-Berg


charismatic social network superstar

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