VIDEO: Tropical Island "Maken-Ki!" OVA Preview

Same staff will be producing new anime TV series this winter

Ecchi fighting manga Maken-Ki! was previously adapted into a 2011 anime series by AIC, but the upcoming OAD, shipping with the September release of limited edition of the manga's 11th volume, is coming from Xebec with Hiraku Kaneko (Seikon no Qwaser) directing using Akio Takami's (Uppotte! ONA , Kanokon , Ladies versus Butlers ) character designs. Highschool of the Dead's Kuroda Yosuke will be writing the tropical island episode.


A Blu-ray set of the previous series will also be released this September. Then, a new anime TV series from this staff is coming this winter.



There was previously a look at upcoming character designs



Haruko Amaya




Inaho Kushiya

Kodama Himegami


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