Latest "Symphogear G" Visual Showcases Battle of Idols

Voice cast also presented a special preview package at Akihabara UDX

Aoi Yuuki, Nana Mizuki and Ayahi Takagaki return this summer as the sci-fi fighting idols of Symphogear, this time squaring off against opposite numbers Kirika Akatsuki (voiced by Ai Kayano - Mashiro Shiina in Pet Girl of Sakurasou), Maria Cadenzavuna Eve and Shirabe Tsukuyomi (FripSide vocalist Yoshino Nanjo). Check out the confrontation in a new visual.




Other cast additions include:

Serena Cadenzavuna Eve - Yui Horie (Charle in Fairy Tail and Millhiore Biscotti from Dog Days)

Nastasha -Kikuko Inoue (Ah! My Goddess' Belldandy) 

Dr. Well- Tomokazu Sugita (Gintama's Gintoki)

Secretary Shibata -  Hidekatsu Shibata (Mazinger Z's Baron Ashura, Naruto's Third Hokage)





Meanwhile, the voice cast presented a special preview package at Akihabara UDX


via MOCA


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