Moe Mascot Character "Yukicotan" Featured on Coffee Milk Packages

The 6 finalists chosen form 6,843 entries on pixiv

Megmilk Snow Brand Company held an illustration contest for a new moe mascot character "Yukicotan" for its best-selling coffee milk brand "Yukijirushi Coffee" in cooperation with pixiv in this April. This year "Yukijirushi Coffee" celebrates its 50th anniversary.


The 6 finalists chosen from 6,843 entries are finally announced today. The special "Yukijirushi Coffee" packs featuring the six Yukicotans will go on sale in Japan between late July and late August. Also the special site is now holding an on-line election to chose the one official Yukikotan from the six. You can vote only once in a day for your favorite Yukicotan. Who will be the winner?



by Umiheki


by mg


by Izumi


by CH3


by Manamokotan


by Shigatake


You can also check the 200 excellent prize winners on the special site.


Source: press release

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