Classics Collide in "Robotech/Voltron" Comic Crossover

Americanized versions of anime legends meet for the first time in upcoming series

If you grew up in the '80s, chances are you can hum the opening theme to Robotech or Voltron--for a lot of fans, these titles were our first exposure to anime. The long-term storytelling, sleek art and animation, and of course, giant freakin' robots kicking all sorts of ass opened up a whole new world for us.


Dynamite Entertainment, publishers of the surprisingly awesome Voltron comic books, will start publishing a Robotech series as well, but is starting with something fans have been wanting for decades--a crossover featuring both casts from the beloved sci-fi anime franchises. So far, there's no release date for the series, but keep in mind that Voltron celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2014, and Robotech celebrates its 30th in 2015. Nick Barrucci, CEO/Publisher of Dynamite, is nothing if not excited as hell:


"Skyscraper-sized robots and city-crushing monsters are no strangers to the Dynamite gang, thanks to our fine experience with the Voltron license. We've been the proud home to Voltron since 2011, and I think our talented creators and editorial staff really balanced the science fiction and space fantasy elements of that franchise with the human story of its pilots.  We're very excited to continue the adventures of the Five Lions and the Voltron Force pilots as part of the crossover penned by Tommy Yune, and recapture the very best qualities of our previous Voltron series in this exciting new venture.  Robotech/Voltron is a fan's dream, one we're thrilled to add to our line of comics!"


Personally, I just wanna see Lotor get owned again--Yurak was a much cooler (but much less competent) second-in-command. What about you? Are you ready for a crossover clash of classics with Robotech/Voltron? Anyone else gonna marathon some GoLion in preparation?

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