Discotek Media Licenses "Great Teacher Onizuka" Anime

Fan-favorite series gets license rescued by Discotek, and is joined by "Cardcaptor Sakura: The Movie" and more!

Discotek Media isn't just in the business of bringing back your favorite cartoons and classic anime--every now and then, they get something a little newer. Discotek announced on their Facebook that Great Teacher Onizuka  will be released as a full-series DVD set on September 24th, 2013.




Great Teacher Onizuka follows the adventures of Eikichi Onizuka (22 years old), former badass delinquent, current middle school teacher, and eternal virgin. Equally hilarious, exciting, and inspiring, Great Teacher Onizuka has--in my eyes--been sorely missed in the anime market.




Blue Submarine No. 6 is a four-episode OVA that some of you might remember having a brief run on Toonami--Joe got the original announcement for Discotek's Blue Sub No. 6 license back in February. The then-revolutionary combination of traditional cel animation and CGI tells the story of a terrible war for the remains of a drowned post-apocalyptic Earth, with our heroes fighting to take the planet back from the madman who caused the apocalypse. Blue Submarine No. 6 will release alongside GTO on September 24th, 2013.


These two will also be joined by Cardcaptor Sakura: The Movie, the trippy classic Devilman TV anime, Lily C.A.T. (part of the Streamline releases alongside Akira and the Fist of the North Star movie), and Mamoru Oshii's Jin-Roh and Dallos--the first OVA ever. Holy crap, that's a lot of good stuff in one announcement! All of these titles are set for release sometime in 2014.


I think I've made it clear that I'm really excited for GTO, but what about you? Among these titles, what are you most looking forward to? What other classic (or not-so-classic) titles would you like to see Discotek Media "rescue?"

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