VIDEO: Sgt. Frog Invades Japanese Public Bath!

15th anniversary project of the long-running popular manga/anime series

Kadokawa's YouTube anime channel has posted the first promotional video for "Okerororin Project," a collaboration project between Mine Yoshizaki's long-running popular comedy manga series Sgt.Frog/Keroro Gunsou and Naigai Yakuhin, a long-established pharmaceutical company based on Toyama Prefecture.


One of the famous products of Naigai Yakuhin is "Kerorin Oke," a yellow-colored yuoke (bucket for hot water) which is usually used in public baths in Japan. Sgt. Frog celebrates its 15th anniversary this year and "Kerorin Oke" also celebrates its 50th. Thanks to the similarity in the names of "Keroro" and "Kerorin,” Kadokawa and Naigai Yakuhin agreed to launch a collaboration promotional project. The collaboration yuoke featuring the face of Keroro is just released in Japan on today July 22.





Source: press release



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