"Chaos Rings" RPG Now Available on PS Vita in North America

Smartphone RPG heads to PS Vita/PS Mobile for $7.99

Originally designed as a smartphone RPG, Square Enix ported Chaos Rings to PlayStation Mobile, and that means everyone with a PS Vita can check it out in English via the PlayStation Store. 


Chaos Rings is pretty much a straight port that's optimized for PlayStation devices, featuring a setting for both standard physical and touchscreen controls. The RPG has players choosing a pair of characters to fight through the Ark Arena, where they'll also face other teams. The mystery of the Ark Arena lies in a story that eventually ties all the teams together.



Not only has it been quietly made available to English speakers, but it also supports Spanish, French, Korean, German, Japanese, and Chinese language options. Chaos Rings is priced at $7.99. 


Via Siliconera



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