BBC To Reveal “Doctor Who’s” New Doctor Sunday

Televised announcement will be simulcast in the US and UK

Broken up over Matt Smith’s impending departure from Doctor Who? Still mourning David Tennant’s Doctor? Who fans know that there is nothing quite so traumatic as a regenerating Doctor and the arrival of some new guy who thinks he can just replace the one we loved and lost. The stages of Doctor Who grief are complicated, and while most of us are still in stage one - denial - BBC is ready to move us along to the next phase, where we hate the new doctor but are also kind of excited about him. Secretly.


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How are they moving us along? By announcing the new Doctor, naturally. Sunday is D-Day for Whovians, both in England and the US, because the BBC is going to announce the new Doctor on a live show featuring past doctors, companions and some special guests. The show will run for half an hour at 7pm in the UK and 2pm Eastern Time in the US (on BBC America, naturally).


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There have been a lot of theories and speculation about who the new Who might be, but the most popular theory seems to be Peter Capaldi, recognizable from his roles in “The Fires of Pompeii” and Torchwood: Children of EarthWho fans know “The Fires of Pompeii” as the episode that first brought Karen Gillan to the Whoverse.


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Who do you want to see as the new Doctor?



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