Taizou Hasegawa from "Gintama" Picks Up Hakujuji Promotional Work

No more dog house! Hasegawa Taizou is all suited up to promote Hakujuji Medical Products

Gintama previously started a collaboration with Japanese medical supply brand Hakujuji before their movie was released. Therefore, Yorozuya received the order to promote the brand, but Gintoki got injured right before work asking visitors to play a game to treat Gin-san back to health by August 9th at 10 am, Japan time. It's been a month since Gintoki was at work and working on the movie at the same time, he's had enough. Who picked up what's left? It's Madao, the ever-unemployed loser is finally employed!



This is the letter that Gintoki left: "To Hasegawa-san, My injury is all better thanks to the Gintama promotion, what's left is the last huge promotion at August 9th at 10am, (but it's been a month since the movie started, honestly, I'm tired and don't want to do it.) so I'm referring you to the position. You can do it! Good luck! by Sakata Gintoki"



Hasegawa Taizou was hired by Hakujuji at August 9th at 10 am Japan time.



Scenes of Madao at work are posted on the official Facebook page.




Madao talks about his work ethic and vision. It's a surprisingly inspiring read that he encourages people by saying "Don't be afraid of changes, all you have to do is to get up when you fall", "people say a flower that died once will never bloom, but who decides it?", "Are you scared to get hurt? I don't. Everyone gets hurt. That's why we need to always have Hakujuji brand bandages...oh, that's a little different, hahahahaha!"



2 designs of a special Madao wallpaper "employed version" are available here.



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