"Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist" Japanese Home Video Release Detailed

Reversible cover features anime version and the original illustration by the mangaka

The Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist anime's official page has updated the home video release information with visuals of the first limited edition that comes with 10 bonus items.



1. Rubber strap " Itsudemo Issho Chibi William"



2. A Present From Makai Ouji Drama CD Vol.1

3. Post card illustrated by Yukihiro Utako

4. Post card illustrated by Sadakata Kikuko

5. Non-credit opening theme "Believe My Dice"

6. Monthly Makai Guide vol. 1 (a booklet)

- 4 koma manga by Yukihiro Utako

- Cast Interview: Eguchi Takuya

- Introduction of characters

7. Application for a fan event this Fall




8. Reversible cover

9. Picture label

10. Sleeve case


Blu-ray:7,140 yen

DVD: 6,090 yen

Contains Episode 1 and 2

Relase date: September 18th

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