"SoulCalibur II HD Online" Adds Both Spawn and Heihachi to Lineup

Sorry, Zelda fans, but Link won't be joining on PSN and XBLA

When SoulCalibur II first hit home consoles, it had a different bonus playable character depending on which version you purchased. PlayStation 2 got Tekken's Heihachi, Xbox got Todd McFarlane's Spawn, and GameCube got The Legend of Zelda's Link. We'll be getting two of those three when SoulCalibur II HD Online hits Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 this fall. 


SoulCalibur II HD Online was first announced in July, and back then we assumed the downloadable version would only be getting Heihachi. It's nice to see we were wrong, since we'll also be able to play as Spawn in this version, but obviously Link is a no-go.


Namco Bandai shared some new Spawn screens, with a dash of Heihachi for good measure, to celebrate the comic character's official return to The Stage of History. 




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