VIDEO: First "Super Robot Wars OG: Infinite Battle" Preview

Simulation RPG features arena fights of up to four mecha

Rather than the franchise's default strategy RPG format, PlayStation 3 game Super Robot Wars OG Infinite Battle will be a battle simulation RPG, focusing on 3D arena throw downs rather than story. One-versus-three, two-versus-two, one-versus-one competition will be supported in the game, developed by B.B. Studios and BEC for November 28th release.



Confirmed combatants includes

    Cybuster (Masaki Andoh)

    Fairlion Type S (Latooni Subota)

    Sladegelmir (Woden Ymir)

    At Eisen Riese (Kyosuke Nanbu)

    Soulgain (Axel Almar)

    Gespenst Mk-II Mass Product Model (Russell Bergman)


A limited edition features the Super Robot Wars OG Dark Prison stand alone side story.


Namco Bandai also has a promo for the fourth installment of the episodic Operation Extend.



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