VIDEO: Ultraman Gets Guinness Record for “Most Spin-Off Shows”

27 shows in the Ultra Series

Japan’s iconic giant red and silver superhero joins the ranks of giant rubber band balls and marathon gum-chewing as Ultraman was honored by the Guinness Book of World Records for “TV series with most number of spin-offs.”  


Since Ultraman originally debuted on Japanese airwaves way back in 1966, there have been 27 related series in all, each following the time tested and highly sophisticated “Monster of the Week” formula. Take that, Star Trek! You only have five puny spin-offs!




In a ceremony that was in no way a publicity stunt, Guinness representative Carlos Martinez handed the award to the original Ultraman surrounded by other dignitaries from planet M-78 including Ultraman Taro, Ultraman Zero, Ultraman Tiga, Ultraman 80, and the newest addition to the lineup, Ultraman Ginga. Also present was Takuya Negishi, who plays the human half of the latest Ultraman incarnation (that’s him with the Gatsby wax). You can watch a video version of this rather astonishing event below:  



The only disappointment was that an evil group of Alien Baltans did not disrupt the proceedings. Or even a motorbike gang of Kamen Riders, demanding tribute even though they only have 23 sequel shows in their series.


Below, the full list of Ultraman spin-off shows. Gotta watch them all!


  1. Ultra Seven (1967)
  2. Ultra Fight (1970)
  3. Return of Ultraman (1971)
  4. Ultraman A (1972)
  5. Redman (1972)
  6. Ultraman Taro (1973)
  7. Ultraman Leo (1974)
  8. The★Ultraman (1979)
  9. Ultraman 80 (1980)
  10. Andro Melos (1983)
  11. Ultraman Kids' Proverb Stories (1986)
  12. Ultraman Kids: 30 Million Light Years Looking for Mama (1991)
  13. Ultraman Tiga (1996)
  14. Ultraman Dyna (1997)
  15. Ultraman Gaia (1998)
  16. Ultraman Cosmos (2001)
  17. Ultraman Boy's Ultra Coliseum (2003)
  18. Ultraman Nexus (2004)
  19. Ultraman Max (2005)
  20. Ultraman Mebius (2006)
  21. ULTRASEVEN X (2007 Years)
  22. Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle (2007)
  23. KANEGON (2008)
  24. Ultra Galaxy Monster Battle NEVER ENDING ODYSSEY (2008)
  25. Ultraman Retsuden (2011)
  26. Ultra Zone (2011)
  27. Ultraman Galaxy (2013)






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