Japanese Poll Ranks Best Harem Masters

Top 20 male leads in harem comedies listed

Ah, the harem comedy. It’s a staple of the anime world, and for a good reason - who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by a collection of beautiful/sweet/tsundere/smart girls? If variety is the spice of life, then the harem comedy is the Sriracha of anime. Juggling a handful of girls requires real talent (or a lot of luck), which is why a recent Japanese poll paid tribute to the masters of the harem.


The list:




1. Kousaka Kyousuke - Oreimo
2. Yuuki Rito - To Love-Ru
3. Kamijou Touma - A Certain Magical Index
4. Issei Hyoudou - Highschool DxD



5. Araragi Koyomi - Bakemonogatari
6. Maehara Keiichi - Higurashi When They Cry
7. Itsuka Shidou - Date A Live
8. Kidou Eita - Oreshura


sword art online

9. Kirigaya Kazuto/Kirito - Sword Art Online
10. Katsuragi Keima - The World God Only Knows
11. Ayasaki Hayate - Hayate the Combat Butler!
12. Hiraga Saito - The Familiar of Zero
13. Hasegawa Subaru - Ro-Kyu-Bu!
14. Himenojouji Akito - OniAi


is this a zombie

15. Aikawa Ayumu - Is this a Zombie?
16. Kusanagi Godou - Campione!
17. Sugisaki Ken - Student Council's Discretion



18. Kodaka Hasegawa - Haganai
19. Sagara Yoshiharu - The Ambition of Oda Nobuna
20. Aono Tsukune - Rosario + Vampire


So, what do you think? Should these guys give lessons? Was someone left out? Sound off in the comments!


Via Sankaku Complex (NSFW)



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