"Free!" Character Duet CD Series Announced

Plus, more exclusive "Free!" merchandise From Crunchyroll

The Free! official site has posted plans for a new character duet song CD series. The first pair to duet is, as you would have already guessed, Haruka and Makoto. Vol. 1 of the duet CD series with Haruka and Makoto will be released on December 18th for 1300 yen in Japan. The Duet CDs for the rest of the gang will follow soon after, with Nagisa and Rei as vol. 2, Rei and Rin as vol. 3 and Haruka and Rin as vol. 4. Release dates for vol. 2 to 4 have yet to be confirmed.


The cover of the Original Soundtrack, Ever Blue Sounds was also revealed. This double CD set will be available on October 2nd in Japan for 3500 yen.



Have you seen the cover for the vol. 3 Blu-ray? It's Nagisa's turn.



Finally, Crunchyroll has another exclusive Free! merchandise item! The Iwatobi Swim Club Beach Towel is now available for pre-order right at $24.99 for members price with $6 shipping. Check out our store!

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