VIDEO: "Meganebu!" Hayato Kimata Character Promo

Ryohei Kimura voices club's spirited junior member

We're finally down to the what's probably the final Meganebu! character promo! This time it's Ryohei Kimura (Valvrave's L-Elf) voiced Hayato Kimata. The spirited junior member is notable for being the only member of the titular club for eyeglasses wearing guy with perfect vision and non-corrective lenses.




Based on an audio drama, the story revolves around five high school boys who live in Sabae-city, Fujui Prefecture. The city is known as Japan's top producer of glasses. They launch "Meganebu" (Glasses Club) to put their passion into glasses. The anime will start airing in Japan in this October.


Staff includes

Director: Soubi Yamamoto (This Boy Can Fight Aliens!, This Boy Caught a Merman)

Character designer: Nakajima Atsuko (You're Under Arrest, Hakuouki)

Series composition: Deko Akao (Yes! PreCure5, Fresh PreCure!)

Anime production company: Studio Deen (Rozen Maiden: Zurückspulen, Sankarea)


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