Second Season of "Free!" Anime Teased

Episode 12 end card offers suggestion about future of sexy swimming anime

The final episode of this summer's sexy swimming anime, Free!, gives every indication that Kyoto Animation plan to fill their pipeline with more anime based on their own properties. Following next season's adaptation of their high school fantasy light novel Kyoukai no Kanata, there's a second round of Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! and more Tamako Market on the horizon. Then, maybe more Free!


While nothing has been announced, episode 12, "Distant Free!" ended with the special end card message "see you next summer..."



Meanwhile, a fan petition to encourage KyoAni to produce that second season has already reached 6,500 digital signature of a target 20,000.


As it states:

Kyoto Animation | Hiroko Utsumi, Masahiro Yokotani, Reiko Yoshida, Animation Do 
Please continue to produce Free! Iwatobi Swim Club! 
We all love this great swimming anime. That's why we'd love to see more. We don't want it to end! 
Free! has an amazing and huge fandom all over the world! 
Please look at this petition! So many fans love Free! and want it to continue! 

Huge petition:

[Your name]


Are you glad to see Kyoto Animation continue make more anime based on their own properties? Even if it makes them less likely to return to IPs from other companies, such as Haruhi, Full Metal Panic and Hyouka?


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