Japanese Man Arrested for Posting Magazine Article before Release Day

Probably the first arrest case for that suspicion in Japan

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department's Consumer and Economic Crime Division arrested a 44-year-old part-time worker in Saitama-city on suspicion of copyright infringement (infringement of public transmission rights) by October 8. The man is accused of posting Japanese weekly magazine Shukan Bunsyun's articles about idol group AKB48 on an image contribution site without permission before the magazine's official release day.


The suspect had worked for a shipping company as a part-time worker who delivered and packaged magazines since about 20 years ago, so he was able to check the latest magazines before release. He posted his cell-phone photo of the article about the AKB48 members from Bunsyun's February 7 issue on January 30, one day before the issue's official release day in Japan. The publishing company of the magazine, Bungeishunju, made a formal complaint to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department in August.

According to the division, the suspect says, "It was just out of mere curiosity. I wanted to share the news

with the AKB48 fans as early as possible. I had never thought I would be arrested. I posted a few more."

The police is investigating other related crimes by him.


Source: Nikkei


AKB48 image © AKS



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