VIDEO: "Hunter x Hunter: The Last Mission" Theme Song Featured

War between Hunters planned for December 27th

Set to be released December 27th, Hunter x Hunter: The Last Mission will feature a war between dark and light hunters. Japanese folk/pop rock duo Yuzu, whose cover "Nagareboshi Kirari" is being used as the ending for the Hunter x Hunter anime's Chimera Ant arc, and whose "Reason" was used as the ending for the series' Greed Island Arc and in the Phantom Rouge movie, will be returning for this second movie, and a morning TV feature looked at the work for the film. 


Yuzu will again be working with Kenichi Maeyamada on Last Mission's theme, "Hyouriitta," which will again be featured as an ending on the TV series.


Keiichiro Kawaguchi (Sket Dance, Hayate the Combat Butler) directs with a script from Nobuaki Kishima (the earlier TV series and OVAs). 




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