Movie Popcorn Flavor Might Suggest "Madoka Magica" Spoiler

Evidence supports prevailing speculation about new magical girl

Special promotional popcorn and drink are going on sale to tie into the October 26th premiere of Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Rebellion, and what caught the close study of mahou-shougolists is that the flavors would seem to suggest the identity of new magical girl Nagisa Momoe. 


Not that it's contradicting the already prevailing speculation...



Popcorn options include:


[1] Kaname Madoka set 
[popcorn (strawberry flavor) + dress sticker (Madoka) + Soft Drink 
[2] Homura set 
[popcorn (black pepper flavor) + dress sticker (Madkoa) + Soft Drink] 
[3] Tomoe Mami set
[popcorn (caramel flavor) + dress sticker (Mami) + Soft Drink] 
[4] Kyoko Sakura set 
[popcorn (chocolate flavor) + dress sticker (Kyoko) + Soft Drink] 
[5] Miki Sayaka set 
[popcorn (salted) + dress sticker (Sayaka) + Soft Drink 
[6] Momoe Nagisa set 
[popcorn (cheese flavor)
 + dress sticker (Nagisa) + Soft Drink] 


Themed drinks are:
Walpurgis Night - Cherry Coke
Dessert witch - Strawberry Milk

Mermaid witch - Grapefruit juice with blue Curacao syrup...

In other Madoka Magica movie doings, NisiOisin is preparing a series of four Monogatari crossover theater etiquette shorts to run with the movie.

Some other Madoka goodies




New mook (magazine/book) tying into movie



new Cheerleader cards from the Madoka Online game...



via Matomagi



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