"The Eccentric Family" Theater Play Set For 2014

Live action play opens in January 2014 in Tokyo

The live-action theater play based on the novel The Eccentric Family by the Japanese theater group Atelier Duncan will open next year in Tokyo and, of course in Kyoto. Ticket sales open next week in Japan for both locations. The play is subtitled as "Shichi Henge Ongaku Geki (7 Transformation Musical)" and this will be the second time that Atelier Duncan works with the novel by Morimi Tomihiko.





From left:

Takeda Kohei as Shimogamo Yasaburo

Watanabe Daisuke as Shimogamo Yaichiro

Niigaki Risa as Kaisei

Sato Miki as Benten


From left:

Juri Sakiho as Mother

Kubo Chukichi as Shimogamo Souichiro


From left:

Okuda Tsutomu as Shimogamo Yajiro

Fujiwara Kaoru as Shimogamo Yashiro



The Tokyo stage opens on January 16th, 2013 for 10 days at Shimokutazawa, Japan. Kyoto only has one day on February 8th. Ticket prices are set at 6,500 yen.


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