"One Piece" Devil Fruit Sweet Bun Promotion Launches at 7-Eleven

Prize goods for campaign also includes poster of Devil Fruits user

Following yesterday's Perona cosplay kick-off, the Japanese arm of the 7-Eleven convenience store chain has launched its One Piece campaign. Shops will be selling blueberry jam and cream filled sweat buns shaped like Luffy's super power-granting Gomu Gomu no Mi Devil Fruit. There's also chance to win limited Luffy and Law figures and more. 



The treats go fo 150yen



Costumers who spend 700yen can enter the lottery to win...


Poster of Devil Fruit users




nanaco card

Limited Law figure

Limited Luffy figure

Unrelated to the campaign, but neat and making the rounds online today, an illustration of the Super Novas, gender swapped

and tribute cover of next week's Shonen Jump

via Comic Natalie

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