"Sword Art Online" Heads to Beta on Smartphones - UPDATED

Android interface/game mainly looking for beta testers from Japan and Singapore

With launch of a site and Twitter account, Sword Art Online fone has begun looking for users to install as beta version of Aincrad on their Android device. While it's a global outreach, as Kayaba Akihiko explains in his message, the game/interface beta is mainly for beta testers from Japan and Singapore. 






* Beta Version can be downloaded for free.
* The selection of party members and equipment that will only be introduced in the actual version will not be available.
* The Boss Monsters that would appear in the Beta Version can be defeated at beginner's level.
* Google Play registration is required to download the Sword Art Online fone.
* Sword Art Online fone will only be available on Android OS. Please take note that iPhone and other mobile phone terminals are not supported.
* The actual date of release is not confirmed yet.
* Online download purchase will be through Google Play.
* There are plans for additional contents and updates.


A Madoka Magica Ani Fone package is also launching in December



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