Farming Anime "No-Rin" Provides Local Festival with Bloomers Poster

The TV anime will premiere in January 2014

The official site for the upcoming TV anime adaptation of Shiratori Shirow's farming-themed comedy light novel series No-Rin has brought online the promotional poster for the 2nd Minokamo Shimin Matsuri (Minokamo Citizen Festival), featuring a heroine characters Minori Nakazawa wearing gym uniform. In the story, she is one of the female students at Tamo Agricultural High School in Gifu Prefecture. She will be voiced by Kana Hanazawa in the anime which is scheduled to be premiere in January 2014.


Minokamo Shimin Matsuri is organized by Minokamo City Tourism Association in Gifu Prefecture and was officially launched last year. Its main purpose is to activate commerce, industry, and agriculture in the city. It also provides the citizens with a place for relaxation and refreshment. The anime which is set in the same prefecture has agreed to support the event. This year's Minokamo Shimin Matsuri is now holding at the Nihon Showa Mura park in the city on Saturday and Sunday. The 500-yen Minori

Nakazawa poster is available only at Frontier Works' booth in the event.



The promotional poster for the festival


The anime key visual featuring the main heroine Ringo Kinoshita (CV: Yukari Tamura)


Source: "No-Rin" anime official site




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