"J-Stars Victory Vs." Screens Feature Medaka, Boa Hancock, and More

45th anniversary Shonen Jump brawler heads to PS3 and Vita in Japan

Ever wonder what would happen if One Piece's Boa Hancock could turn your favorite Shonen Jump characters to stone with a simple glance? How about an unlikely what if: Who would win in a fight between Medaka Box's lead and the planet leveling power of Goku from Dragon Ball Z


Well, the latest J-Stars Victory Vs. screenshots are here to answer all those burning questions you never even knew you had. Dig the new batch from Namco Bandai below, featuring a look at the aforementioned characters and many more from the upcoming 45th anniversary Jump fighter. Where else are you gonna see Nisekoi's Chitoge Kirisaki punch out Naruto?




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