Sheryl Nome's New Accessories and Leather Belt Offered in Japan

To celebrate her birthday on November 23

The fans don't forget their favorite anime heroine so easily. Two Japanese companies are ready to release new items inspired by one of the Macross Frontier heroins, Sheryl Nome, this winter. A Japanese jewelry and accessories company THE KISS will release its third collaboration accessories with Sheryl on November 23, her birthday. The four items from the "secret"-themed collection are pair necklaces, bracelet&anklet, a ring, and a birthday necklace. Bandai Premium also has started accepting pre-orders for "Shine of Valkyrja,"  a real leather replica belt today for a limited time of one week. The belt is modeled after the costume she wore in the show. Check the details and prices of the items below.


The main ad for the third Sheryl Nome x THE KISS collaboration accessories


"Secret Heart Necklace" (25,200 yen/ US$252)


"Secret Love Pair Necklace" (23,100 yen/US$231)


"Love Chain Ring" (9,240 yen/US$92.4)


"Love Limitation Bracelet & Anklet" (13,650 yen/US$136.5)



The ad for "Shine of Valkyrja" (20,790 yen/US$207.9)



Source: press release 1, 2


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