Man Arrested for Uploading "Tamako Market" Anime Episode

A Share user was arrested again

It seems that Japanese police's cyber patrol units have been very active recently. On November 27, 7 days after the Black Jack case, Fukuoka Prefectural Police's Cyber Crime Division arrested a 43-year-old self-employed man in Kobe-city, Hyogo, on suspicion of copyright infringement (infringement of public transmission rights). The suspect is accused of using the file-sharing software Share (again!?) to upload the 12th episode of Kyoto Animation's 2013 TV anime Tamako Market to the internet without the copyright holder's permission on March 28, 2013. According to the police, the man had uploaded many more anime titles and they are investigating on the four specific titles now. The suspect, who was sued by Kyoto Animation, has already confessed to his crime.


 Source: ACCS


Tamako Market image © Kyoto Animation / Usagiyama Shotengai



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