If Osamu Tezuka and Go Nagai Drew "Kill La Kill"

Plus the a Leiji Matsumoto take on the "Kan Colle" ship girls

We looked at some of his retro-remakes earlier this fall, and now Keiichi Tanaka, of ComiPro! fame, is at it again. The daughter of manga pioneer Osamu Tezuka has said of these parodies "We can accept Lion King, but Taknaka Keiichi is unforgiven."


The latest mimic mash-up of hot trends witht he classics sees Tanaka drawing Ryūko Matoi from Kill La Kill in the style of Tezuka and Go Nagai, seminal figure in the devlopment of the transforming magical girl and the piloted mecha.


He's also done a Mako x Space Battleship Yamato crossover


Speaking of Yamato, Tanaka has done a Leiji Matsumoto version of the Kan Colle ship girls


He also did a Tezuka style Kan Colle girl


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