Japan Post Issues "Silver Spoon" Commemorative Stamps

The set comes with a silver-color spoon

The Hokkaido branch of the Japanese Post Office has started offering an original frame stamp sheet featuring the Silver Spoon anime series since December 2. The prefecture is used as the main stage for the story of the based manga created by Hiromu Arakawa and TV anime series produced by A-1 Pictures. The price for the ten 80-yen stamps set is 1,800 yen (about US$18). The 3,000 limited set, which includes a silver-color spoon (not made of silver), is now sold at 97 major post offices in Hokkaido. It is also available at the Japan Post Office's online store.


The stamp mount and spoon


Source: Japan Post Office


© Hiromu Arakawa, Shogakukan/Ezonousai Jikkou Iinkai

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