"Log Horizon" Author Returns to 4Chan

Author of the light novels that inspired anime does some global outreach

Before they became anime... Before they were published light novels.... Maoyu and Log Horizon were stories that Mamare Touno serialized online on venues like 2channel. So, maybe it shouldn't be too surprising that the writer has been interested in engaging international fans on the board's English equivalent, 4chan. He visited in late October, now, with the premiere of Log Horizon episode 10, he's returned to the board to address subjects like whether there be another season (there are discussions and tough questions about make the finances work), international release of the light novels (there are discussions and tough questions about make the finances work), and whether you can claim a character as your waifu.


From Jin "!NIISANMORE Kisaragi's" translations in the thread...


>>Do you have any ideas about your next series after Log Horizon, or is that still really far off?
Yes, I do.
But I need to focus on Log Horizon for the next few years.

>>my only question i would like answered is are the train tracks from japan still there in the half gaia project? fixing them up would create a great and safe pathway between cities and it would be exciting to see the people in akiba make a steam train.
Most of those tracks are completely rotten and restoring them would require an enormous amount of effort and funds. But that's a very nice idea.

>>What games do you like?
I really like various types of games.
One board game I'm having fun with is "7 Wonders"

>>Q: What music do you listen to when you're working on Log Horizon?
I listen to the ED (your song) a lot.
I listen to Old Number too. In my next volume (8), I intend to focus on Isuzu, so I need to study music.

>>Will there be less censorship on the Blu-rays? For instance more bloody fights or mob kills, for instance the light novels show that killing monsters are like killing animals and the killed monster would leave a corpse before turning into a bubble.

The BD footage should be almost completely the same as the TV broadcast version.
And there will be bonus stuff provided with the BD.


>Mamare-sensei, do you watch Sword Art Online or .hack?
I do!(≧∀≦)

>>Akatsuki is my waifu. I guess what I'm trying to ask is, do I have your blessing as her creator to continue having Akatsuki as my waifu?
There are lines even the author can't cross.
You should ask things related to Akatsuki to Akatsuki herself!

>>I'd just like to ask about the real-world props that got dragged into Log Horizon's world. For example, all those cars that we see covered in moss in the backgrounds, do they still have an engine? And is it possible for someone in their world to fix it, with the right subclass? A Mechanic, maybe?
Repairing cars that have rusted away to the point there's moss on them must be extremely difficult. Even if those cars are Peugeot or Honda.
That said, there are adventurers trying to do this in the novel. They're most probably in The Rodrick Firm.

>>Q: How are HP and Mana (MP) decided for each player? Is it based on their race or class?
It's decided by their class, their race, their level, and also by their current equipment

>>Q: Do all subclasses grant extra skills like Akatsuki's 'Tracker' subclass?
A lot of the subclass give skills to their owner. There are also subclasses that are exclusively there for roleplaying.

>>Is there any plan to release the novels for Log Horizon in the UK? I would love to own them but I can't read Japanese.
There was a meeting just recently about this very topic.
But unfortunately they couldn't manage to settle to an agreement. Looks like it'd be hard making a profit on it.

>>Watching Nobunagun next season?
I'm looking forward to it!(≧∀≦)

>>Are you a fan of Nobuyuki Fukumoto's works?
Of course. My favorite work from him is Gin to Kin (Silven and Gold).


>>Mamare do you like monmusu
Of course I do! I'm buying it day one at Akihabara! The most cute is the new heroine, Arakune.

>>Tetra seems really cute. Will she get with Naotsugu?
His lovers aren't his partners. Tetra is a good girl.

>>Is your sister real?
She does exist.
But she isn't as cute as everyone seems to think.
When she gets angry, she goes and hides only one of my shoes.

>>Have you heard of the new MMO "Wildstar"? Have you tried it?
First time hearing of it. I'd love time to be able to play all of the games.

>>Are you still NEET, Mamare-san?
Much like Princess Raynesia, my days filled with laziness and elegance have vanished away. I'm working everyday :(

>001 Can I move the game character between different servers at a time when the ancient tales were playing? Kanami could go to the European server?
Of course, you can change servers.

>002. What kind of ability in subclass "Pathfinder" from Hasegawa Naotsugu? And what he does not use them?
It's being used everyday.
You win more loot when you kill monsters, and you're able to sense when monster are nearby on the field. It's just not explicitly shown in the novel/anime.

>>Speaking of which, will the international community receive a chance to develop items for Log Horizon?
If you get access to the NHK, I think you have a chance.

>>Mamare-san, how many hours weekly do you spend playing MMO
I haven't had the chance to play for the last few months. (T-T)

>>Also a question, have you heard that your fans are fan translating your Light novels? Because we're enjoying them a lot.
I am aware of it. Because of my relations with the guys at my editing company, I can't really recommend it but...
If you enjoy it, then it's OK for me!(≧∀≦)


>Mamare-sensei, what is your favourite part of MMOs?
Getting to knowing various people, and working together with them to achieve one task.

>>How will plumbing work in elder tales? Or other things that runs the city infrastructure, like electricity and such.
There aren't any electricity or gas infrastructures in town.
Water is provided to the water tower by the Spirit of Water, or by magic tools.
There are sewers.
(and as a matter of fact, there's a white crocodile monster living inside)

>>Question:How many Player will Join the Log Horizon guild?
Eventually there'll be 12 players from the 12 classes joining Log Horizon.

>>Anyone know the NHK mail address to send the fan mail?

You should be able to send it over there.

>>Are you pleased with how the anime is adapting your work? Is there anything that was skipped or changed that you don't like?

That's hard to say.
I'm satisfied with the anime as an animated work.
The VAs are doing a wonderful job.
Shiroe, Naotsugu, Akatsuki, Nyanta, Serara, Krusty, Isuzu, Lundelhaus are particularly wonderful.
And there's one more wonderful VA I'm keeping secret. I'm a fan of her.
Please look forward to watching the last five episodes!

Yeah, I'm not unhappy with it, but...

The anime is being nationally broadcast, and as such there are also grade schoolers watching it.
Because of that, there have been several changes. That's also why there are very few sexy scenes of the heroines.
But thanks to that, some parts have been made more fun.

>>How long the novel volume you plan to write before it ends? I hate to see it stop half way like alot of author did. I do hope the novel volume are very long since the story are enjoyable to read at.
I intend to make Log Horizon a 15 volume series, with some small things on the side.
I should be able to complete it with your support.

>>Q: Who is your favorite character in K-On?
It's Ricchan(≧∀≦)

>>Mamamare-san, do you like to cook? What is your favorite food?
I love cooking. I can eat almost anything, but my favorite are fish, eggplant, and natto.

>>Mamare san, do you enjoy Berserk?
You're talking about the manga "Berserk", right? I love it. The art is awesome.

>>Mamare, what is your favourite anime?
I'm enjoying Kill la Kill, Non Non Biyori, and Arpeggio this season.

>>If Log Horizon was ever to become popular enough for NHK to put funding towards a real life game of Elder Tale, would you approve of it? I'm sure it'd be cool if it didn't break the fourth wall and had Shiroe as a character.
As NHK is the broadcaster, it won't be made into a game.
You need lots of funds to make an MMORPG. That's why I know it's very hard to make.
That said, there's a chance small-scale offers like smartphone games make it, so that's great.

>>Are any of the characters based off of friends or people you know?
They're resembling my friends.
There's actually a character based off a player with whom I've played a MMO in the series.

>>Q: will there plans to show and explain more of the subclasses that haven't been mention yet? like the vampire, beast tamer?
A vampire should be showing up soon.
I can't actually explain all of the sub classes, so it'd be great if we could announce a setting book/artbook.


>>Question: What would be your reaction if Yoshiyuki Tomino would personally critizie your work and call it talentless and harmful?
Mr. Tomino is one of the greatest anime directors and a senior.
You're basically asking me what I would do if I got spoken ill of by someone like him?
Young creators are basically desperatly fighting their way in, with their own works.
If they don't do that, they won't make good works.
Knowing that, Mr. Tomino is criticizing those young creators to bring them up well.
Even if that ended up making you cry, you need to endure it.
And first of all, Mr. Tomino is only giving challenges to creators he thinks are full of prospects.

>>How can us fans overseas show support and future demand for more seasons of Log Horizon? Are blu-ray sales the most important factor?
>>I'd like to hear it from Mamare-sensei himself. And LH is a different case than most other shows due to being under NHK.

Of course the sales are the most important factor.
That said, it's not the only important factor.
The view count on Crunchy Roll, the comments, and the fan letters are also important.
If I wanted to go further, I'd even say that simply it being discussed a lot on Twitter is good.
Log Horizon is receiving a lot of support! And the team is thankful for that.


>>Mamare-sensei, serious question: Why do Shiroe, Krusty and Henrietta adjust their glasses so much? Are the glasses buggy?
That's because it's a cool, anime-ish gesture.
It's a gesture that shows that they're a true villain inside. Don't think too deeply of it, or you won't be able to truly enjoy it(≧∀≦)

>>Q: C85 is slowly approaching. Are you looking forward to the incoming fan material that's gonna be produced about Log Horizon? How about a lewd doujin here and there?
You're talking about those things that boys of age are interested in, right?
I close one eye and just overlook it.

>>Any chances that we get figmas for Naotsugu?
I also want Log Horizon Nendroids.

>>Q: Will there come a point that the LN plot (aka Shiroe's story), and Kanami's story (aka the web side story) intersect? Or will they remain separate? Because it would be... interesting to see how Shiroe and his friends tackle the <Genius> monster dillema.
If Shiroe doesn't want to push too hard and settle with a normal conclusion, they won't cross.
If he want the absolute best conclusion, then he'd need some kind of support he couldn't even imagine, and you guys know that Kanami is one of those people able to help him in that way, right?

>>Its obvious that Naotsugu and Marielle will get together eventually, will you portrait in the novels in a obvious way or you plan to take the subtle approach and give slight hints about it?
In my next publication, out on the 20th, you will be able to see how their couple develops.

>>Teacher Mamare, what system would you use for your Log Horizon Tabletop RPG?
It's a completely original system.
They'll progressively start releasing news over the course of the year, or so the development team said.


>>Mamare-sensei, is the reason why the gaiden have hard time getting published due to the certain turtle ninja?
It's for a reason resembling that.
The true reason is that I don't have the time to go back and review/correct the text.

>>I have a question for you: Would you consider making an appearance at international anime conventions or festivals?
I'll tell you the truth that shouldn't be known.
Those kind of events are only offered to diligent and excellent writers.
As I like being lazy at hom and just purring at home, I don't know if I'll be given that chance.
But if I'm ever given a chance, I'll be very glad to meet all of you!

>>What does your imouto think of Log Horizon? In the volume 4 afterword you mentioned that she bought it too.
She told me that "You did somewhat well, for someone of your kind".
That's the greatest word of praise I've received from her in ten years.

>>Q: Do you think Crunchyroll is the future of anime in foreign countries in getting money to you quickly, sensei? A lot of anonymous apparently use it to support your works from overseas.
I'm really thankful for it.
Thanks to Crunchyroll, Japan anime is being spread legally, and in a timely manner.


>>Q: Who's got the bigger size, Demon Queen or Maryelle?
Maou's are so bigger they're not even comparable.
Marielle's are somewhat small.

>>Q: Do you have megane fetish?
I do think girls with glasses are cute.
There's a wonderful dance scene awaiting starring Henrietta.

>>Q: Are Assassins the only class with the ability to quickly vanish from active combat? Or does the Tracker subclass allow it?
If there's a great enough level difference between them and their enemy, then assassins have the power to OHKO stuff.
Akatsuki, being a Tracker, is also very good at ambushes and surprise attacks.
That said, if an Assassin is facing an enemy of the same level and lots of HP, it'll be difficult for him to beat it.

>>Mamare-san, can people create modern technology like guns or television if they have a high enough skill and real-life knowledge?
There's a possibility, but there's a difference between making things and actually using them.
Even if you make a very powerful weapon, you might need to be level 200 to be actually able to use it.

>Q: As you can see, the OP is very popular. DATABASE, WOWWOW, have become memes. What do you think of the OP?
I think it's a nice song. I'm not that knowledgeable in music, but I find it really heroic.

>>do you still play EQ2 sir mamare ? if yes in which server ? i'd like to play with you sometimes : D
I've retired. I'm sorry!


>>First, could weapons that are normally impossible to wield with one hand, like large axes, hammers, or even spears, be used single handed by an Adventurer with sufficient arm strength, like say a high level Guardian running around with two giant hammers, or are there unseen game forces stopping them from using them like that?
Regardless of their weight, single-handed equipment can only be worn using one hand, and two-handed equipment can only be used with two hands.
That's how it goes in such a digital game.
That's why if it ever becomes possible to do as you said, it'd become an oral tradition.

>>Secondly, if an Adventurer were to just dump all the weapons in their inventory out on the ground, could they wield any of those weapons normally by just picking them up?
They could, if they fulfilled all of the appropriate requirements.

>>Q: We will get a second season of the anime, right? RIGHT?
I still don't know.

>>Before the Catastrophe, how were EXP pots restricted for trade to other characters?
No, those pots are bonus items that you simply received and were able to trade.
In Elder Tale, low-levelled players leveled up quickly, so those item didn't have that much value.

>>Mamare-sensei, are you planning on explaining the reason why they got stuck inside the game? Or is it explained later in the novels?
Yes, of course I plan to.
But you know, you say "they got stuck". It could not be the case!
For instance, they could have slipped inside, or have been forced into by a third party.


>>Q. Who is your waifu?
That's a secret... There are so many I can't choose!

>>Q. What is your favorite anime of all time?
That's also something I can't answer because there are so many.
That said, I've watched and rewatched the Utena movie many times. I absolutely love it.

>>Beach Episode when?
You're right, that's an extremely important question.
The answer is, next week. In episode 11!

>>What do you think of Minori's Voice Actress? I her voice is really cute.
Nao Tamura is a rookie VA.
I've chosen her knowing that fact.
To voice the youngsters (Minori, Touya, Isuzu, Lundelhaus, Serara), we've chosen VAs whose carriers were comparatively short.
This so so that they grow up together with Minori, or so wished the staff.
Regardless of them being rookies, they've got charm.
I'm supporting those cute girls, and the rest of the VAs too.

>>Is there any plan for the story in the American server ? in the main story or in "gaiden".
>>like rebuilding the security or a story of a cook destroying the huge crime guild.
>>I wanna see what its like if a Hollywood-like story or American comic-like story happens in Log-hora world.
This is something I also want to see, but I just don't have enough energy left for it.
What happens in the world of Log Horizon, and the mysteries that I've left in various locations around the world, are blank pages that are there so that people can write their very own story about it.


>>What's your opinion about the anime as well? If given the chance to choose your preference, would you have chosen another anime studio to do your LN series?
The anime companies in Japan are very close to each other.
Someone can work at several studios, and studios help other studios anonymously.
Success isn't guaranteed by simply choosing a certain studio. I'm satisfied with the current system.

>>Mamare-san, who is your favourite character in Non Non Biyori? I like Koma-chan.
The candy shop owner.

>>Hi Mamare-sensei. Do certain servers have specific classes? For example, in North America, it would not make sense to have a Samurai.
Yeah, they've probably got various classes.
I'll think of an event that'll clear things up.

>>How is religion treated in Elder Tale world Mamare san?
This is also something that is being dealt with in the actual story.

>>Mamare-sensei, if you could play Elder Tales, what class and subclass would you be?
I'd probably choose something like Druid and Apothecary.
There are so many I'd like to become I can't choose.
I've created them so that they're all charming, after all.

>>How many hours your work per day?
On busy days, around 14 hours.
But there are also days where I nap for half a day! :D

>>Why does Japan have a population problem? Is it connected to anime?
If I had to say, I'd say that it's mainly because of the depression.
The proportion of elderly in the whole population has greatly increased, and young people feel that their life is as if they'd become slaves of the society.




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