Horror Film "Sadako 3D2" Blu-ray Box Set Comes with Sadako's Hand

The latest sequel of the "Ring" series

Receiving a favorable reputation for the Blu-ray box set of the first Sadako 3D film last year, which contained Sadako's hair, KADOKAWA has decided to bundle weirder stuff with the BD box of its sequel Sadako 3D2, which was released in Japanese theaters this August. It's Sadako's hand. The limited special box set named "Sadako's Noroi Bako/Curse Box II" is priced at 7,140 yen and hits stores on February 28, 2014. As the photo below shows, the hand can be used as a smartphone stand near your pillow. 


The 2013 film "Sadako 3D2" BD set


The 2012 film "Sadako 3D" BD set with Sadako's hair


"Sadako 3D2" trailer



Source: Cinema Today

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