“Kantai Collection” Keyboards Coming Soon

On sale in January 2014

Anime and video game merchandise company Surfers Paradise will be releasing Windows USB keyboards printed with artwork from the browser-based game “Kantai Collection”.


“Kantai Collection” Keyboards 「艦これ」の痛キーボード

Shimakaze keyboard


“Kantai Collection”, abbreviated as “KanColle”, is a free-to-play browser-based social card game where “kanmusu”, moe characters based on World War II Japanese naval warships, do battle. The keyboards are available in five varieties, each printed with artwork of a “KanColle” character, including Kongo, Shimakaze, Atago, Haruna, and Yamato. The artwork depicts each character as seen when they have taken damage in battle, represented in the game by their clothing becoming ripped and torn.


Each keyboard retails for 10,500 yen, including tax. They will be released in January 2014, with advance sales available at Comiket 85.

“Kantai Collection” Keyboards 「艦これ」の痛キーボード

Kongo keyboard

“Kantai Collection” Keyboards 「艦これ」の痛キーボード

Atago keyboard

“Kantai Collection” Keyboards 「艦これ」の痛キーボード

Haruna keyboard

“Kantai Collection” Keyboards 「艦これ」の痛キーボード

Yamato keyboard


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“Kantai Collection” Keyboards
Kantai Collection



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