Crunchyroll Manga Adds "Inside Mari", "Silver Nina", and "Love Theory" Simulpubs

Three titles from Futabasha's "Manga Action" magazine

Crunchyroll’s ongoing barrage of new announcements is not just limited to anime, and here’s the proof: three manga series from publisher Futabasha's "Manga Action" magazine are now available for reading at Crunchyroll Manga



The new titles are "Inside Mari", "Silver Nina", and "Love Theory". New chapters will be available on Crunchyroll every 1st and 3rd Monday. The back catalog chapters of these titles will be available on Crunchyroll at a later date. Info on each series can be found below...

Inside Mari (Japanese title: Boku wa Mari no Naka)
Artist: Shuzo Oshimi

A young man is a shut-in, with nothing to do but kill time. The sole pleasure in his life is following home an angelic high school girl he sees every day in a convenience store. Today, like any other day, he follows her, but… Shuzo Oshimi, the creator of Drifting Net Café and Flowers of Evil, continues to open hidden doors of the heart in this monthly serialized story!

Silver Nina (Japanese title: Shirogane no Nina)

Shimazaki Shutaro goes back home to the country, after losing his job in Tokyo.  To his surprise, when he opens the door to his family home, he finds a beautiful little girl with silver hair and blue eyes.  Taking place in a city on a plateau, a tired young man and a beautiful half Japanese girl bring you a story of the slow, calming life in the country!! 
Love Theory (Japanese title: Love Riron)
Artist: Masaki Satou / Original Theory: Keiya Mizuno
Even if I'm hideous.  Even if I'm broke.  Even if there's not one iota of sexiness to me.  There HAS to be a way for me to snag my ideal woman. Masaki Satou (author of "The Ultra-Apathetic Spec Ops Squad JAP FIVE!") and Keiya Mizuno (head writer of "My Dreams will come TRUUUUUE!") come together for a hilarious, risque collaboration that just might help YOU find true love too!
And yes, more titles are coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled to Crunchyroll Manga!



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