VIDEO: Madoka Yonezawa Narrates Promo for "Ghost in the Shell" and "Excel Saga" Creators' Manga Team-Up

Volume 3 of " Koukaku no Pandora - Ghost Urn "

In 2012, Newtype Ace launched a manga series written by Ghost in the Shell creator Masamune Shirow and illustrated by Excel Saga manga author Koshi Rikudo. With volume three of Koukaku no Pandora - Ghost Urn out in Japan today, Madako Yonezawa (Another's Izumi Akazawa, K-on!'s Ui) has narrated a new promo video.


The sci-fi about cyborg girls living in an age of natural disasters and vast divides between rich and poor moved to Kadokawa Nico Nico Ace following the cancellation of NewType Ace.





Manga's launch


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