POLL: 9 Hero Characters From Shojo Manga That Would Make Ideal Boyfriends

Japanese females named 9 desirable male characters from Shojo series

Shojo series provide an abundance of male characters that Japanese females dream of, whether it's a classroom hero, a cool and perfect senpai or a knight in shining armor. Many of them maintain a delicate balance of coolness, shyness, manliness and sensitivity that the main character usually falls for. Japanese relationship portal Otome Sugoren conducted an online poll to find out which of these male characters are desired by Japanese females to be their dream boyfriend.





1. Refreshing and kind: Shota Kazehaya from Kimi ni Todoke - From Me To You

"I admire a popular person" (A female in her teens)





2. Strong-willed, but can never win over his girl: Shinichi Chiaki from Nodame Cantabile

"My dream is to be taken care of by a cool boyfriend, just like Nodame!" (a female in her 20s)





3. A mysterious bishie: Yu Matsuura from Marmalade Boy

"He acts cold, but then gives a suprise kiss...it's intriguing because I'll never know what he is thinking" (a female in her 20s)                                                                                                      





4. Manly leadership: Tsukasa Domyoji from Boys Over Flowers

"I would love to be told, 'I know you are secretly in love with me'" (a female in her 20s)





5. Stoic but passionate: Masumi Hayami from Glass Mask

"He can be harsh at times, but in fact he is the strongest supporter! His hidden passion is very desirable!" (a female in her 30s)




6. Over-the-top personality: Taxido Mask from Sailor Moon

"I love his elaborate comments like 'Tears do not go with your beautiful eyes' in Japanese" (a female in her 30s)




7. Does not seem to care usually but will always be there: Shun Makabe from Tokimeki Tonight

"My ideal boyfriend is Shun because he always saves Ranze without fail" (a famale in her 30s)




8. Bold and daring: Shinobu Morita from Honey and Clover

"You can never tell what he would do next and I admire his determination for his dream" (a female in her 20s)




9. A dedicated lover: André Grandier from The Rose of Versailles

”I cried for him sacrificing his life for the love of his life" (a female in her 30s)



Source: http://www.sugoren.com/report/1387430771734/

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