Kyoto Animation to Produce Anime Adaptation of "Amagi Brilliant Park" Light Novel

The latest series by Full Metal Panic!'s Shoji Gatoh

Japanese publisher Fujimi Shobo announced today on January 15 that an anime adaptation of Shoji Gatoh's latest light novel series Amagi Brilliant Park is in the works. The first volume of the series illustrated by Yuka Nakajima (Listen to Me, Girls. I Am Your Father!) was published from the Fujimi Fantasia Bunko label on February 20, 2013, two years and six months after the release of the final/12th volume of his long-running series Full Metal Panic!. The second volume was published on August 20, 2013, and the third is scheduled this week on January 18.


The anime is produced by Kyoto Animation, the company previously worked on the two TV anime series based on Full Metal Panic! novels, the second series Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu in 2003 and the third series Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid in 2005 (the first series was produced by GONZO).


The story centers around a high school student Seiya Kanie. On a Sunday, a mysterious transfer student

who carries a musket gun Isuzu Sento takes him to an old and deserted amusement park Amagi Brilliant

Park in Amagi-city, which is located in the western part of Tokyo. He is told that if the park can't attract

100,000 visitors in the next two weeks, it will be closed immediately. For some reason, Seiya has to save

the park as an acting manager.



The support video created by the illustrator of the novel Yuka Nakajima


Volume 1 cover


Volume 2 cover


Volume 3 cover


Source: Mantan Web


© Shoji Gatoh, Yuka Nakajima/Fujimi Shobo



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