Latest Photos from "Mobile Police Patlabor" Live-Action Films

The 1st chapter hits theaters on April 5

The official website for the forthcoming Mobile Police Patlabor live-action project titled THE NEXT GENERATION -PATLABOR- today posted 12 photos from the first chapter featuring the main cast for the third generation members of Police Special Vehicle Section 2 including Erina Mano as Akira Izumino in the cockpit of AV-98 Ingram no. 1.


The first chapter which consists of the episode 0 and 1 hits Japanese theaters on April 5, then followed by the second chapter (May 31), the third (July 12), the fourth (August 30), the fifth (October 18), the sixth (November 29), and the seventh (January 10, 2015). The 100-minute feature film written/directed by Mamoru Oshii will be released in Golden Week (between the end of April and the beginning of May) of 2015.


Akira Izumino (Erina Mano) in the cockpit of AV-98 Ingram no. 1


AV-98 Ingram and Captain Gotouda (Toshio Kakei)


The members of Special Vehicle Section 2


You can check more photos on the project's official site.


 The teaser




Source: Comic Natalie


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