VIDEO: "Engaged to the Unidentified" Voice Actresses Dance for the OP Song PV

Performed by Haruka Terui, Eriko Matsui, Yuri Yoshida

The first Blu-ray/DVD volume of the 2014 winter TV anime Mikakunin de Shinkoukei/Engaged to the Unidentified, which is scheduled to be released in Japan on March 19, will include a live-action promotional video for the OP theme "Tomadoi→Recipe" performed by Mikakuning!, the unit formed by the three voice actresses of the anime; Haruka Terui (Kobeni Yonomori), Eriko Matsui (Benio Yonomori), and Yuri Yoshida (Mashiro Mitsumine). The official site for the anime today posted a three-minute preview for the PV.


The CD single for the OP song will be released on February 19, the same day with the ED song single "Masshiro World" also performed by Mikakuning!. The official site has posted a non-telop anime OP featuring the song "Tomadoi→Recipe." Which version is your favorite?



"Tomadoi→Recipe" PV preview



Non-telop anime OP (*officially posted by the copyright holder)


The OP song "Tomadoi→Recipe" CD illustration



Non-telop ED (*officially posted by the copyright holder)


The ED song "Masshiro World" illustration


© Arai Cherry/Ichijinsha, Mikakunin DE Shinkoukei Production Committee

Artists photo © Yuri Yoshida

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