VIDEO: Fox Animated Fighting Schoolgirl Short Inspired by "Sailor Moon," "Utena" and "Kill La Kill"

Kim Kimiko is a poor transfer student who discovers the real meaning of power when she battles rich girl Lucia Goch

FOX's Animation Domination High-Def describes their new short as being in  the tradition of Utena, Project A-Ko, Oniisama E, Sailor Moon, Mai Hime, Kill la Kill, and Sakura Trick, comes "Schoolgirl Crush."


Get a look below



Writer: Heather Anne Campbell
Storyboard Director: George Yang
Voice Talent: Angela Trimbur, Heather Anne Campbell, Jeff Sloniker, Frank Howley
Animation: Jay Hasrajani, Carol Scarbrough, George Yang, Whitney Tang, Marie Bower, Heejin Park, April Wang, Stephen Herczeg, Geoffrey Johnson, Sapphire Sandolo, Travis Brainerd, Kelly Kanemaru, Joseph Nate Lowe, Nick Sanzani
Design: Jenessa Warren, Hallie Wilson, Hyojin Bae, Marcos Cohen, Gabe Lee, Heejin Park, Carol Scarbrough, George Yang, Whitney Tang, Marie Bower
Editor: Nick Reczynski


Animation Domination High-Def is a block of cartoons that air every Saturday on FOX at 11PM/10c and all over the Internet all the time.


Scott Green is editor and reporter for anime and manga at geek entertainment site Ain't It Cool News. Follow him on Twitter at @aicnanime.

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