POLL: Japanese Females Pick Shonen Anime They Want To Crossplay As

Japanese females vote on which bishonen characters they dream about cosplaying as

It's been said that the most beautiful girl in cosplay is a guy and best looking guy in cosplay is a girl. Putting those high expectations aside, let's say you want to crossplay (meaning cosplay the character that is the opposite of your gender), which Shonen anime you would like to cosplay from? That's the question asked online to 1,054 registered female Goo Ranking users and here are the results!



#1 Gintama 100





#2. Attack On Titan  98





#3 ONE PIECE 68.6





#4 BLEACH  58.8




#5 The Prince Of Tennis  56.9





#6 Kuroko's Basketball 49





#7 NARUTO and Macross series  43.1




#9 Blue Exorcist 41.2




#10 Magi and Sengoku BASARA 39.2

#12 Nintama Rantaro 37.3

#13 Mobil Suit Gundam series 35.3


#15 Fate/Zero, Code Geass series and HUNTER x HUNTER  25.5

#18 K anime 21.6

#19 Tiger & Bunny 17.6

#20 Ookiku Furikabutte Big Windup! 13.7

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