A Belated Celebration of Loincloth Day

Check out how otaku marked Fundoshi Day!

People frequently gripe that Valentine's Day is a fake holiday hijacked by the greeting card makers. Well, Fundoshi Day, celebrating and promoting the use of traditional fundoshi loincloth underwear is definitively the creation of the Japan Fundoshi Association. 



Taking place February 14th, because of a date pun, the day would have people wear a sort of traditional underwear that became endangered after the popularization of western style briefs and trunks. Proponents say that fundoshi are the better option for preserving blood circulation.


They look like...


2013 Fundoshi Awards were announced last month,with prizes going to people likr Furuta Arata (live-aciton Ranma, Takashi Miike movies such as Zebraman and 13 Ronin) Miyuki Oshima (Tekkon Kinkreet), author Ito Seiko and metal band Ningen Isu.


RocketNews24 has a look at last year's festivites here 


a how to via @Comics212 - check out the acocunt and #fundoshiday for some more NSFW material




yep, that's Hello Kitty

Ral san from Gundam Build Fighters animation director Matsukawa Tetsuya


manga artist Aoki Toshinao


Some Vocaloid fun, referencing White Day reciprocal gift giving


Mushibuyo manga artist Hiroshi Fukuda (yeah, we posted this for Valentine's too)

 Some Tiger and Bunny fun





From Gintama superfan Habisan



Getter Robo fanart


Kud Wafter manga artist Bakutendou




Yaoi author Yuo Yodogawa




via スケ


via F-715Xa しげっち


thumbnail is 6Anasthasia9


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