Bones' Kids Anime "Tenkai Knights" to Start Airing in Japan on April 5

Meguru Takahashi voices the protagonist Guren Ougami

It is officially announced today in Japan that a Canadian-Japanese TV anime series Tenkai Knights, which is based on Spin Master's transforming building block toys, will start airing on TV Tokyo and its affiliates on April 5. The series produced by Shogakukan-Shueisha Productions/ShoPro and Spin Master has already been broadcasted on Cartoon Network in the US since last August. An acclaimed Japanese anime studio Bones (Fullmetal Alchemist, Eureka 7) has worked on the anime production and it is their first anime series specifically targeted on child audience. Check the Japanese voice cast and the characters' Japanese names below. Unlike the English version, the five main boys are voiced by females in the Japanese version.


The Japanese voice cast:

  (the English version cast)


Meguru Takahashi as Guren Ougami/Braven

  (Johnny Yong Bosch as Guren Nash/Bravenwolf)

Akemi Kanda as Seiran (Ceylan) Washizaki/Tributon

  (Todd Haberkorn as Ceylan Jones/Tributon)

Maki Mizuma as Tokusa (Toxsa) Kameyama/Valorn

  (Ben Diskin as Toxsa Dalton/Valorn)

Risa Taneda as Chuuki (Chooki) Hachisuka/Lydendor

  (Bryce Papenbrook as Chooki Mason and Lydendor)

Miyuki Sawashiro as Gen Inukai

  (Yuri Lowenthal as Gen Kurai)


Keiji Fujiwara as White

  (Brian Beacock)

Chafurin as Beag

  (Kyle Hebert)

Yousuke Akimoto as Vilius

  (Crispin Freeman)


-The Japanese portal site

-TV Tokyo's "Tenkai Knights" official site


The key visual


The Japanese title logo




The preview for the US broadcasting



Source: press release


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