Tower Records to Offer Special Cassette with "Space Dandy" OST

Soundtrack scheduled for March 26th

With "Space Dandy O.S.T.1 Best Hit BBP," scheduled to be released in Japan March 26th, Flying Dog has announced the store bonuses for the album. Gamers will be offering a Bromide, but the really neat item is being offered by Tower Records. Buyers at their shops and online store will be getting a special cassette with four tracks.



<Track List>
1. Vodka Time Show in Kauai / ☆ Taku Takahashi
2. SPACE RIOT / Hiroshi Kawanabe
3. Suntin Suntin / Latin Quarter
4. Decided medley / Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro


The 23 tracks include Okamura Yasuyuki singing "Viva Namida" and the collaboration song "X Dimension he youkoso."

Tracks include



01 Star Future.
02 Viva Namida (TV size)
04 Fatty but oh so Goody
05 Kimi to Nara
06 love you, dandy
07 Hoshikuzu no Pipeline
08 Aishuu no DANDY
09 Hey Wha
10 Connect
11 Gun Man Muller Hunt Oh!
12 Action Man
14 Tumbleweed
15 Dandy in Love
16 Shiritai
17 New Disco on the Block
18 The RAW
19 Asa wa Kuru kara Sugu Akeru kara
21 SPACE CHANTEY (Uchuu Funauta ~ Tadashi, Funayoi Kimi no)
22 Cosmic Adventure
23 X Jigen e Youkoso (TV size)


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