Take a Virtual Tour of the Set of "Patlabor" Live-Action Films

With a narration by Shigeru Chiba as Shigeo Shiba

The official website for the forthcoming Mobile Police Patlabor live-action project titled THE NEXT GENERATION -PATLABOR- today launched "Virtual Special Vehicle Section 2 Tour," a special service allowing viewers to take a virtual tour of the set of Tokyo Metropolitan Police Special Vehicle Section 2 used in the films. You can check all the interior details including 8 m tall AV-98 Ingram, Labor carrier, rooms, desks, and many kind of equipment. The service is narrated by Shigeru Chiba, who again plays Shigeo Shiba for his long-time friend Mamou Oshii. The set was already removed after the feature film finished shooting last December. Check the set closely before the films!


The first chapter which consists of the episode 0 and 1 hits Japanese theaters on April 5.




 Key visual


The trailer for the chapter 1 (episode 0 &1)



via: Akiba Souken


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