VIDEO: Teaser for Latest Installment of Japanese Horror Film "Ju-on" Series

Nozomi Sasaki stars as an elementary school teacher

The official site for the latest and seventh installment of the Japanese horror film series Ju-on, Ju-on: Owari no Hajimari (Beginning of the End), today posted a 30-second teaser trailer featuring a groan by the famous onryo (vengeful ghost) character Kayako Saeki. The teaser says that Ju-on was selected as the scariest horror film series by the research conducted with 1,800 Japanese people, beating Ring (2nd), Saw (3rd), Chakusin Ari/One Missed Call (4th), and Paranormal Activity (5th).


26-year-old actress Nozomi Sasaki stars the film as Yui, an elementary school teacher of the third grade. After she visited the house of one of her students, Toshio Saeki, who has refused to go to school, mysterious things start happening around her. Then the truth is revealed that the house is actually "Ill-omened House" that anyone who steps inside must die.

Ju-on: Owari no Hajimari directed by Masayuki Ochiai (Parasite Eve, Shutter) hits Japanese theaters on June 28.



Teaser trailer



Teaser poster



Nozomi Sasaki



Source: Cinema Today

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