Fan Artists Impress With "Kill La Kill" Meets Western Animation Mash-ups

KlK meets "Looney Tunes" and "Frozen!"

A couple of Kill La Kill meets western animation fanart mash-ups made big impressions this week as Michael Mayne's Looney Tunes illustration made the rounds of English language social media while Thailand's Kago-tan's newly colored Frozen art moved up the ranking of Japanese art community Pixiv.  


Thurrender to Thethe Truths!by MichaelMayne

"What's Opera, Doc?" brought to mind "Kill the wabbit," with brought to mind "Kill la Kill," which resulted in this.
So many characters could have worked in a number of roles. Others, like Pepe le Pew, were an easy fit.

Who is Elmer Fudd supposed to be?
Just a random Nudist Beach member. It was either that, or nothing at all, since I'd already clinched Sam as Tsugumu.
Where's Sylvester/Roadrunner/Speedy Gonzalez/etc.?
Sadly, they didn't make the cut. I have ideas for who certain unappearing characters could have been, but it was just a matter of keeping the composition legible and finishing it amidst other work.
Shouldn't Bugs and Daffy be switched?
Maybe. But just in regards to the color scheme, they work out better the way they are. Daffy in Senketsu wouldn't seem quite as glaring, I don't think.
Are we to imply that Granny…?
Imply what you will. I've been dead on the inside since I drew her as Ragyo.

Originally, Gossamer would have been Gamagoori and Foghorn Leghorn would have been Tsugumu (the hair/crown!), but roles just wound up shuffled around to their current state. It is what it is.





Senketsu Anna


Junketsu Elsa



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