"Log Horizon" International Server Class Poll Goes Live

Vote on localized server classed for round two

Part of the premise of web serial, turned light novel series, turned anime Log Horizon is that fictional MMO Elder Tale aims to set players in a half-size recreation of the real world.


Elder Tale has 12 main classes, and the plan is to customize three for each of 13 different regional servers to reflect the character of the locale. Creator Mamare Touno took fan suggestions for how to reflect different regions of the globe. In the time since the first round ended last month, he's organized 2,400 submissions from 58 countries and prepared a second round of voting. 


He's now looking for feedback on what he regarded as the promising submissions from round one.Newly launched voting for this round takes places online here.


North America

526 posts came from countries including the United States, Canada, Mexico and Brazil 

Options include:

Pirate - samurai alternative

Medicine Man - kannagi alternative

Lumberjack - guardian alternative

Brawler - monk alternative

Duelist - swashbuckler alternative


Central/South America

287 posts from counties including Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico

Options include:

Pajé - druid alternative

Corsário  - swashbuckler alternative

Capoerista - monk alternative

Cangaceiro - swashbuckler alternative



178 posts from South Korea

화랑 (Hwarang) - samurai alternative

박수/무당 (Baksu/Mudang) - kannagi alternative

개마기병(kaemakipyeong) - guardian alternative

도사(Taoshi) - enchanter alternative



159 posts from China, Japan and Tawain

侠客・Youxia - samurai alternative
道士・Taoshi or 道士・Daoshi - kannagi or demon sorcerer alternative
禁軍・Jìn Jūn- guardian alternative

雅士・yā shì- bard alternative


Southeast Asia

578 posts from Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore

Pesilat - monk alternative 
Pendekar - samurai alternative
Dukun - kannagi or enchanter alternative
Ksatria - samurai alternative


India - no voting needed

30 posts from India, America, Japan

Rajput - swashbuckler alternative

Tantric - kannagi alternative


Middle East

58 posts from Lebanon, Israel, Indonesia

Ghazi - samurai alternative

Faris/Furusiyya - samurai alternative

Dervish - kannagi alternative

Mumluk - samurai alternative


Western Europe

304 posts from France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, United Kingdom

Knight - guardian alternative
Paladin - samurai
Templar - cleric alternative
Exorcist - kannagi alternative



100 posts from Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark
-Berserker - samurai alternative
Viking - samurai alternative
Völva -kannagi alternative
Skald -bard alternative



48 posts from  Poland, Russia, United Kingdom, Czech Republic
Bogatyr -guardian alternative
Volkhvy -druid alternative
Cossack - samurai alternative
Hussar - swashbukler alternative


Africa  - no voting needed

30 posts from  Nigeria, Ghana, Colombia, Canada
-Sangoma/Nganga -kannagi alternative
-iNyanga -fruid alternative


Oceania  - no voting needed

48 posts from  Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Singapore
-Bushhunter / Hunter - assasin alternative
-Tribal Hunter - bard alternative

Author commentary is posted here


Scott Green is editor and reporter for anime and manga at geek entertainment site Ain't It Cool News. Follow him on Twitter at @aicnanime.

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